TAKE A JUGGLING CLASS. Ever wanted a juggling lesson that gives back?

Circus Squared is for you! Virtual circus lessons that fit your schedule and help to improve access to circus education in the U.S. Creating teachable, fun moments of laughter and growth is especially important as the global pandemic continues to widen the gap in access to good education, which should be a fundamental right for all children. Circus Squared will match your paid lesson with a free lesson for a household in need of extracurricular fun!

Visit the Circus Squared Patreon page, or email ctkloc@gmail.com to schedule a lesson directly.


Atomic Doll Presents Shocked & Amazed in Quarantine June 5th 8:30-10 p.m.

The MET Opera's production of Akhnaten (Juggling Ensemble) @ Lincoln Center, NYC, November 8th-December 7th

Holiday in the Park Circus Show @ Six Flags Great Adventure, December 20th-January 1st

Performance from Holiday in the Park Circus Show at Six Flags Great Adventure, December 2019. Video Credit: YouTube User @junkpick

Photo (L) by Dani Pierce Steuber for Street Light Circus. Photo (R) by Rich Riggins