Beginner Classes

Audience: Individuals (any age), school and corporate groups.

School programs can include brief lessons in STEM, English or the arts communicated through fun and engaging juggling programs. For a list of the educational skills sets bolstered by juggling, click here.

Corporate lessons can be tailored to your brand and messaging. Employee juggling workshops build camaraderie in a relaxed and safe environment for growth, supporting a culture of cooperative persistence and measured risk.


Intermediate/Advanced Training

Audience: Individuals with at least six months of juggling experience.


These lessons provide tailored feedback for jugglers looking to hone their skills... through quarantine and beyond! Goals might include 4+ object juggling, object balancing, trick creation, and act creation/sequencing. If you’re thinking about this option, schedule a free chat with Christian so we can sketch out a training plan.


Hang Out & Learn!

Audience: Groups 5-20+ people.

A great option for schools, corporate settings, or friend groups seeking a delightful way to gather online. This weekly 30-minute session alternates between two formats:

  • Level Up: These are brief lessons providing the building blocks of various juggling patterns and tricks, giving you a concrete idea that holds the potential for innovation and experimentation.

  • Throw Down: It’s your turn to show off! Christian will be your cheerleader as you flex your juggling achievements in this more casual format that helps you fine-tune your existing skill set.

Photo by Dani Pierce Steuber for Street Light Circus.

Photo by Vivienne Peckham at Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2017.

Ever wanted a juggling lesson that gives back?

Circus Squared is for you!

Virtual circus lessons that fit your schedule and improve access to circus education in the U.S.


Creating teachable, fun moments of laughter and growth is especially important as the global pandemic continues to widen the gap in access to good education, which should be a fundamental right for all children.


Circus Squared will match your paid lesson with a free lesson for a household in need of extracurricular fun!

Visit the Circus Squared Patreon page, or email ctkloc@gmail.com to schedule a lesson directly.

Performance from Holiday in the Park Circus Show at Six Flags Great Adventure, December 2019. Video Credit: YouTube User @junkpick