Ever wanted a juggling lesson that gives back? Circus Squared is for you! Virtual circus lessons that fit your schedule and improve access to circus education in the U.S. Creating teachable, fun moments of laughter and growth is especially important as the global pandemic continues to widen the gap in access to good education, which should be a fundamental right for all children. Circus Squared will match your paid lesson with a free lesson for a household in need of extracurricular fun!


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Christian remains in awe of how the ‘simple’ act of juggling holds such power to bring wonder and growth to all ages, but in particular to children who are just beginning to understand their identities and their contributions to the world. Christian has taught juggling at TSNY (DC), organized monthly Juggle Jams at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, and is now focusing on virtual lessons that broaden access to circus education. His goal is to build a community around juggling that transcends boundaries in the name of circus and celebration.

Christian found constructive ways to show me the problems in my technique, and provided great coaching throughout the lesson. His improvisation and his fun, approachable demeanor made it easy for the time to fly by! He never made me feel self-conscious, no matter how many times I threw our juggling balls all over the place. By the end of our time working together, I'd learned about four new tricks well enough to practice them on my own at home.

Maria C. (TSNY-DC student)

Photo by Vivianne Peckham for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2017

Skill sets that juggling adds to your school curriculum:

  • Physical Literacy: Juggling provides a non-competitive, low-stakes activity through which to explore body movement and gain control of our surroundings through disciplined practice.

  • Adaptive Problem-Solving: Gravity requires jugglers to adapt to the patterns in front of them. Each pattern is a puzzle requiring self critique, positive reception of feedback and persistence to discover solutions.

  • Confidence: Juggling tricks put a safe barrier between the performer and the crowd, empowering students to share their newfound skills with the class -- and eventually larger audiences -- in a way that reflects their unique character.

  • Teamwork: Students will build solidarity through the process of act creation and partner juggling, and will work as a team to provide skill improvement and encouragement throughout the course.

Contact Christian today to start planning your next juggling lesson -- for one-time assemblies and semester-long courses!

Circus is an amazing vehicle on which to carry a message of inclusion, assertiveness and kinship in our most difficult moments -- our moments of growth. Championing our peers and recognizing each other's strengths are the building blocks of a successful learning environment, and circus is where those skills are repeatedly practiced physically, emotionally and culturally. Those traits are essential to our growth as practitioners, performers and producers of our art.


Club balance 360

For those who have mastered a face balance with a club, this workshop teaches you how to execute a quick 360 while maintaining the club balance. Learn the proper warm-up, technique, body alignment and visual cues you will need to unlock this awesome move.


5-ball double bounce

Learn the five-ball double bounce, a rather slow but strikingly visual pattern that looks great on any bouncing resume.

How to Flip a Glass of Milk (without spilling it)

A great party trick. First-timers might want to perform this on an outdoor patio -- just in case.