Atomic Doll Presents Shocked & Amazed in Quarantine June 5th 8:30-10 p.m.

Holiday in the Park Circus Show @ Six Flags Great Adventure, December 20th-January 1st

The MET Opera's production of Akhnaten (Juggling Ensemble) @ Lincoln Center, NYC, November 8th-December 7th, 2019

The art of juggling has mesmerized audiences for centuries, from classic variety acts on Johnny Carson to modern object manipulation seen at entertainment venues worldwide. Christian has distinguished himself as one of the best bounce jugglers in the U.S., but he also loves to perform rings, clubs, torches and diabolo. Whether you're looking for a polished circus act or a strolling performance, Christian has the experience and charisma to deliver the goods.

"An amusing juggler, Christian Kloc, whose droll and dextrous stunts with [juggling clubs] had a playfully mixed soundtrack." - DC Metro Theatre Arts review of Smoky Mirrors (2017)

Photo by Dani Pierce Steuber at SideYards 2017.




March 6-8: 28th Annual University of Waterloo Juggling Festival (Ontario, Canada)

May 19: The Show Goes On 2.0 Pelonkey's Virtual Livestream Party (Washington, D.C.)


January 3-6: Turbo Fest (École de cirque de Québec, Canada)

January 25-27: Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival (Atlanta, GA)

February 10: MONDO Juggling and Unicycle Arts Festival Show (Minneapolis, MN)

March 2: Pocono Juggle/Circus Arts Festival Show (Summit Hill, PA)

May 4: May the Fourth DC (Reagan National Airport, VA)

May 21: Little Salon DC's 5th Anniversary (Bloomingdale, DC)

June 6th-July 5th: New Old Time Chautauqua's Be Mary Tour 2019 (Bellingham/Talkeetna/Seward/Homer, AK)

November 8th-December 7th: The MET Opera's production of Akhnaten Skills Ensemble (Lincoln Center, NYC)

December 20th-January 1st: Holiday in the Park Circus Show @ Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ)


January 24: Pelonkey Talent Showcase (Warner Theater, DC)

February 9 - March 4: Cabaret Rising by TBD Immersive (Dupont Underground, DC)

March 3: Circus in Lines: Many Stories Tall by Street Light Circus (Atlas Performing Arts Center, DC)

March 17: 2nd Annual Take Laughter With You by Clowns Without Borders (Joe's Movement Emporium, MD)

April 21: Congress of Jugglers 2018 (Hoff Theater, College Park, MD)

May 20: Joe's Movement Emporium Gala (Mt. Rainier, MD)

May 22: Little Salon DC's 4th Anniversary (Mt. Pleasant, DC)

June 11: Clown Cabaret (Logan Fringe Art Space, DC)

July 17: International Jugglers Association Festival Welcome Show (Springfield, MA)

August 25: Community Day (Arena Stage, DC)

September 14-16: Asheville Juggling Festival (Asheville, NC)

October 18: Juggling the Middle Ages Opening Reception (Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, DC)

October 26: Night of the Living Zoo (Smithsonian's National Zoo, DC)

October 27: Juggling the Middle Ages Family Day (Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, DC)

November 3: Side Yards 2018 by Circus of Wonders (Yards Park, DC)

November 15: Evenings at Dumbarton Oaks Holiday Market (Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, DC)

November 16: Student Showcase -- Ringmaster (Trapeze School of New York, DC)

December 8th: United Airlines Fantasy Flight (Dulles International Airport, VA)

December 16th: DC Burlesque Breakfast Club (Bier Baron Tavern, DC)

December 21st: Krampus Ball Variety Show (Black Cat, DC)

December 26th - January 1st: Frost: A Holiday Cirque Extravaganza (Six Flags New England, MA)


February 4: Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival 2017 (Yaraab Temple, GA)

April 24: VisionDC Conference with Street Light Circus (Arena Stage, DC)

May 6: Congress of Jugglers 2017 (Ritchie Coliseum, College Park, MD)

June 26: The Sweet Spot and Street Light Circus: Millennium Stage (Kennedy Center, DC)

June 29: Palace of Odditease by the Capital City Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival (Gallery O on H, DC)

June 29-July 9: Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2017 @ The Juggling Tent (National Mall, DC)

July 1: D.C. Circus Day Showcase (Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2017, Ralph Rinzler Stage, DC)

July 1: Contemporary Ground Arts Showcase (SFF 2017, Arts and Industries Building, DC)

August 26: Arena Stage Community Day (Arena Stage, DC)

September 1: Le Bon Ton Circus Extravaganza by Palace Productions (Black Cat, DC)

September 7-29: In Cabaret We Trust by TBD Immersive (Blind Whino, DC)

September 16/17: Chilifest 2017 by Kitchen Garden Farm (Sunderland, MA)

September 22/23: Queen City Mischief and Magic by Spectacle & Mirth (The Kettle, Staunton, VA)

September 29: Closing Ceremony of 202 Creates Month (Future of Sports Complex, DC)

October 13: Opening Weekend at The Wharf (Southwest DC)

October 28: SideYards 2017 by Circus of Wonders (Yards Park, DC)

December 2/15: Krampusnacht 2017 and Bah Humbug Burlesque and Variety Show by Palace Productions (Black Cat, DC)

December 9: United Airlines Fantasy Flight 2017 (Dulles Airport, VA)

December 16: Selfies with Santa by the Anacostia Arts Center (Southeast DC)

December 31: Noon Yards Eve by Capitol Riverfront BID (Yards Park, DC)


September 24: Asheville Juggling Festival 2016 (Toy Boat Community Art Space, NC)

October 29: St. Louis Jugglefest 2016 (Washington University in St. Louis, MO)

November 13: The Pansy Craze (Bier Baron Tavern, DC)

November 18/December 16: Juggle Jam #1 and Juggle Jam #2 (Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, DC)

December 16: Bah Humbug Burlesque and Variety Show by Palace Productions (Black Cat, DC)


June 5/6: Where I Belong: Finding Myself Under a Big Top by Sweet Spot DC (Atlas Performing Arts Center, DC)

September 26: Hall of Mirrors by Vadoux Aerial Dance Theatre, part of Art All Night 2015 (Techworld Plaza, DC)

October 16: Under the Big Top Gala (Atlas Performing Arts Center, DC)

December 4/5/6: Tis the Circus: A Holiday Party on High by Sweet Spot DC (Atlas Performing Arts Center, DC)